With its different collections, BRAKO offers today's woman a way of re-interpreting herself, of relating to the world, of expressing herself. A BRAKOwoman is distinguished by her personality, her personal style, the confidence with which she walks through the world, her independence. BRAKO is the result of travelling, investigating, listening, learning, and being in permanent contact with our consumers. Our aim is to create different footwear, a shoe that fits the personality of each one of the women carrying BRAKO on their feet, accompanying them on the exciting journey of everyday life.

We have recently added a focused effort to our daily tasks , an effort focused on applying ideas and eco-friendly materials to footwear BRAKO. We believe that the world is a unique place, and want to support the environmental sustainability.

In BRAKO we are working on being a socially responsible company and on raising awareness among the public about sustainable practices.